Treatment Outcomes

KCCAT encourages consumers of mental health care to be informed about their treatment options and what to expect as a result of receiving treatment. With that in mind, we are happy to provide information about what past patients at KCCAT have experienced to help you feel empowered in making decisions about treatment.

In order to protect the confidentiality of patients, we cannot respond to any reviews on public websites (e.g., Google search, Yelp, etc.). We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our treatment outcomes or our treatment approach; you can direct these questions to us by emailing

Below you will find data from former KCCAT patients who have completed a course of treatment about how certain symptoms or aspects of functioning changed from the time they started treatment with us to when they ended their treatment.

Please note that this sample only represents individuals who have completed treatment and completed surveys both before and after their treatment, so it excludes individuals who have chosen not to complete these measures or ended treatment prematurely. Additionally, these scores are the average changes in symptoms; every patient is unique in what they experience and these data are meant to give a general idea of what to expect.

Adult Patient Outcomes for Completed Treatment at KCCAT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been shown to be the most effective and efficient treatment for anxiety and related conditions, and we pride ourselves on providing quality CBT at KCCAT. Below you will see statistics on general outcomes of treatment adult patients have received at KCCAT in recent years. Please note that every case is different and these do not represent a guarantee of treatment outcomes.

Overall Functioning and Healthy Mindset

Cognitive Inflexibility
Belief That Anxiety Can Decrease
Satisfaction With Life


Obsessive-compulsive Spectrum Symptoms
Anxiety Sensitivity


Emotional Reactivity
Negative Emotion
Positive Emotion

Based on 70 adults ages 18-72 who completed a course of CBT at KCCAT between 2014 and 2018 for a variety of anxiety and related conditions. Only individuals who completed an entire course of treatment and who filled out both pre- and post-treatment questionnaires have their data represented here. Data updated January 5, 2019.