The Anchors Project — Child & Parent Online Study

Similarly to how kids learn about dental hygiene, early intervention and prevention can help promote proactive coping for handling strong emotions. Researchers at the Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment, P.A. (KCCAT) and Virtually Better, Inc. are examining ways of delivering family education and self-help tools for improving abilities to respond to common worries, fears, and other emotional health features in childhood, possibly reducing later needs of professionally delivered therapies.

Anchors Project Eligibility

Families located anywhere in the US may be eligible to participate if they have:

  • A child age 6–11 without current or recent needs of clinical-level mental health care
  • A parent/guardian caregiver willing to participate
  • A personal iOS mobile device (iPhone 6 and up, or an iPad with Touch ID) or an Android device running Android Nougat (7.0) or newer

What is Involved?

  • Review technology-delivered self-help programing for a 6-week period
  • Complete online questionnaires at 3 time points
  • Compensation of up to $175 in Visa® gift cards


Anchors Project is entirely online!

I Want to Sign My Family Up for the Study!

Click the button below to start the screening process, which takes 20 minutes or less. You will need your child available for about 5-10 minutes to answer some questions with your help.

Start Screening

If you are eligible, you will then select an appointment time to do a brief “getting started” phone call with a research team member to answer any of your questions before deciding to move forward. If you would like to talk to a member of the research team before the screening process, please contact us at or by phone at (913) 956-6210.

You can also download a copy of our study flyer.


Principle Investigators
Katie Kriegshauser, PhD
Director, KCCAT
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology
University of Missouri–Kansas City

Margo Adams Larsen, PhD
Research Director, Virtually Better, Inc.

Lisa Hale, PhD
Founding Director, KCCAT
Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology
University of Missouri–Kansas City

KCCAT Research Team
Chris Sexton, PhD, LMSW
Study Coordinator

Frances Bozsik, MS
Research Assistant

This research is supported by funding through the National Institute of Mental Health (2R44MH098470). Information gathered is obtained solely for research purposes and is not a clinical evaluation or treatment for any condition. You can contact the Office of the UMKC Institutional Review Board at 816-235- 5927 if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about your rights as a research subject.